Blogging, Scotland, Edel, and Life After Death: (Back To) Monday Morning Miscellany (Vol. 9)

In the days before preschool and toddler gymnastics took hold of my Monday mornings, I loved nothing better than to ease into the week with a warm cup of coffee and my open laptop. What started as (unsuccessful) searches for new blog posts to read soon became writing sessions for my own posts. For now I can’t take leisurely mornings to do either, but when I’m able, I thought I’d get back to sending a little something your way for your Monday morning coffee.


I successfully completed my 7-posts-in-14-days challenge! I may have done it in fits and spurts, but by golly, I did it.

In thinking about how (in)frequently I blog, it’s occurred to me that one of the things I love most about the blogs I love most is… they blog. Often. I love hopping onto a favorite blog and being reasonably confident that it will contain a new post for me to read. So I figure if I want to attract and keep any readers other than my mother (Hi, Mom!), it’s only fair for me to do the same. (Revolutionary thought, right?)

I’m trying to develop a plan. I know I can’t pull off a longer, heavier post every couple of days, but maybe I could write one of those a week, and do a few shorter (much shorter), lighter posts too. If you have any ideas as to the types of shorter, lighter posts I should consider writing, let me know!


What do you think of last week’s Scottish vote on independence? Pretty amazing that there even was such a thing, hm? A “yes” result would have been thrilling in a romantic sort of way, but I think “no” was probably the smarter choice. Friday morning when I saw that the ‘no’s’ won out, I found myself more relieved than I expected to be. WHEW! (I say for no real reason – it’s not like I had any stake in the situation.)


Before the Scottish results were in, I kept hearing some of the “no” camp opine that in this time of international (and intranational) conflict, it would be helpful to have Scotland make a statement by not splitting from the U.K., choosing unity over division. I can see merit in that argument, but I also wonder whether it would have been helpful for the world to see a country splitting apart peacefully – as the result of an organized, fair, calm election, rather than through violence and turmoil.

Not that I think the terrorists of the world really care much about peaceful examples one way or the other, but it’s an interesting thing for a political science major to think about.


I have precisely three events in all of 2015 that I want to attend – and they’re all on the same day. What are the chances?

Sadly, one of them is Edel 2015. Last week Hallie and Jen announced that the next Edel gathering would be held in Charleston, South Carolina the weekend of July 10/11. In about three seconds flat, my reaction went from “Ack! Charleston! I’m thrilled! I was hoping they’d pick Charleston! I’d love to see Charleston! I could drive there!” to “Hey, that’s my wedding anniversary weekend! Maybe Brennan and I could go for a little Charleston weekend without the kiddos!” to “Ooohh, no. Oh, no. That’s the Weekend of Two Weddings.”

Yep, I have two cousins getting married – one from each side of my family – on July 11. My sixth wedding anniversary. I’m very much looking forward to attending at least one of them, but to know I’ll definitely miss out on Edel 2015? I’m so, so, so bummed.


Speaking of being bummed, I’m now feeling much better than I was the other day. Thank goodness! The primary reason, I think, is that my hip is has improved. It’s still a little tender and I’m still trying to be extra careful with it, but what a difference I’m feeling. And what an incredible difference it makes to one’s psyche to not be hobbling around anymore! I find it so hard to move past constant pain like that, and mine only lasted a few days. My sincerest sympathies to those who experience chronic pain!


To close this out, take a look at this masterpiece:


My four-year-old colored it the other day. He said that it’s “The boo-i-ful new world we’ll go to when we die.” Apparently the brown line at the top is the road to get there.

You should have seen that little boy’s face light up when he told me about his picture. He was captivated with his idea – just as he should have been.

Have a great week, all!

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