More Than Politics (Podcast)

Coming Soon: More Than Politics

Do you struggle over politics? Do you feel conflicted between a desire to engage and the impulse to run away?

Are you turned off by its nastiness, confused by its contradictions, and frustrated by the options available to you?

Do you feel like breaking out – like taking a step back and seeking out context? Do you wish we could re-orient ourselves toward a politics that’s rooted in morality?

That’s a big dream! But it’s a good one, a worthy one. It’s worth devoting some thought to.

Soon, a new podcast launches that will do just that.

Introducing: “More Than Politics”, a podcast for those of us who want something more than what we’ve come to expect from politics – and from our political discourse.

Each week, More Than Politics will feature a conversation that helps us put today’s politics in context, that honestly and charitably explores the issues of the day, that encourages us to engage in politics with an attitude of love toward others – even and especially those with whom we disagree.

I’m Julie Varner Walsh – currently a stay-at-home mother, formerly a lobbyist for the Catholic Church.

I have lived and studied and written about and prayed over politics for most of my life. And I’ll be bringing all of that experience to bear in this new project.

Check back here soon to talk, listen, and dream about “More Than Politics.”