Our newest little (scratch that – our newest BIG) bundle of joy: Isaac Charles Walsh.


Isaac was born at 4:11 pm. He’s delightfully pudgy and squishy, which shouldn’t be a surprise, given that he weighed in at a hefty NINE pounds, even. He measured 21 inches long.


I’m happy to report that this was my easiest labor and delivery thus far. We are oh-so-thankful that Isaac and I both made it through in such good health and safety.


We are so thankful, period. What an amazing blessing. Thank you to all who have been keeping us in prayer. We appreciate it, and you, so much.



22 thoughts on “Announcing…

  1. LOVE!!!! You all look so happy! Can’t wait for the pictures of the boys meeting him for the first time! Congratulations!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to the ever-growing Walsh family! What a beautiful little boy – I bet the “big” brothers are anxious to meet him!

    All our love,
    Tim and Kathleen Tabor

  3. I am so thrilled that Isaac has entered the world safely and that you had an easier delivery! Beautiful pictures of baby and the proud parents!!!

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