Greetings From the Land of Nod… Nod… Nodding Off

Hello, friends – I’ve been meaning to write. Actually, I have been writing. Every day. For, like, a solid five minutes at a time before my vision blurs and my eyelids droop. For weeks now, my evening writing sessions have looked something like this:

Julie, sitting at the kitchen table: Ugh. My hips hurt. My old, pregnant body can’t sit on this hard chair much longer. I’d better go sit on the sofa.

Julie, sitting on the sofa: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Kind of like this.

Kind of like this.

Other than my evening sleepiness, I was doing rather well with this third-trimester-of-my-third-pregnancy, until a week ago. Monday the 10th, I was feeling decently energetic and healthy. I was beginning to feel that I’d gotten really lucky this time around, because I was far more perky than I remembered being in either of my two previous pregnancies.

Needless to say, that feeling came to an abrupt end on Tuesday the 11th. Come midday, I was pretty much useless. I think I spent most of the afternoon on the sofa with the boys, watching Cars and Planes and dozing off and on until the boys finally pestered me enough to get me into the kitchen to make them dinner.

Thus has the pattern been ever since: Julie has a modest amount of energy in the mornings. Julie crashes hard after lunch. Julie just about blacks out come 6pm.

I'm really very lucky that my boys don't yet know how to operate a camera.

I’m really very lucky that my boys don’t yet know how to operate a camera.

But, my dear blog, how I’ve missed you. Through the haze of third-trimester fatigue, I’ve sincerely tried to write something comprehensible. Unfortunately, my scattered thoughts and weak attempts at writing have felt much like trying to put together a 500-piece puzzle by pouring the pieces into a pile on the floor.

So, photos. I think I can manage some photos. And updates: I’ve got two blogging-related updates to share. Two is do-able, right?

If you can stay awake for it, Julie.

If you can stay awake for it, Julie.

First, I’m going to The Edel Gathering! It’s a weekend conference/get-away aimed at Catholic mothers. Edel, which is being organized by Jen Fulwiler and Hallie Lord (the bloggers at Conversion Diary and Moxie Wife, respectively) will be held in Austin, Texas in late July. (Yes, I realize that the weather will be HOT.) It looks like most of my favorite bloggers will be there, along with lots of other terrific ladies. I am very, very much looking forward to it. (!!!) Are you going? If so, please let me know!

By late July, of course, I will have a bouncing three-month-old baby boy needing my constant attention, so he’ll be coming along for the ride. (Thank goodness for event organizers who take nursing babies’ needs into account.) I think having baby in tow at Edel itself will be fine, but I admit to some nerves regarding getting there and back. Do you have any tips for flying solo with an infant? Really, the things I’m thinking about most are (1) whether to bring a stroller through the airport (con: wrangling a large piece of equipment onto and off of the plane; pro: having somewhere to put the baby when I need to use the restroom) and (2) the restroom thing. Seriously, if you don’t bring a stroller with you, what are you supposed to do with baby while you use the restroom? I might feel comfortable enough to leave my baby with a fellow passenger while we’re in the air, but almost certainly would not in an airport.

The last time I flew with a little one.

The last time I flew with a little one.

I’ve never had to do it alone, though.

Second, just as she did last summer, Jen Fulwiler is hosting another Epic Blogging Challenge. It’s scheduled to run from next Monday the 24th through Sunday, March the 2nd. Despite nearly every word in this post, I’m going to give it a try. I certainly have lots of ideas running through my tired brain – now to figure out which are simple enough to pound out before I pass out.

You know, like this.

You know, like this.

I think it’s time for the obligatory snow photos. We did, after all, get a whopping 18 inches last Thursday.






And now for our decadent Valentine’s Day breakfast, courtesy of a care package from Grandma: red velvet pancakes with vanilla/cream cheese icing. I added the sprinkles for extra festivity, even if I only had blue to offer.






Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to lounge on the sofa for another viewing of Cars.

Sorry -- I have hundreds of these.

Sorry — I have hundreds of these.

8 thoughts on “Greetings From the Land of Nod… Nod… Nodding Off

  1. I’ve successfully used the bathroom while wearing a baby before … do you own an umbrella stroller? That wouldn’t be too bulky to have along.

    I’m jealous you’ll be at Edel! Two seven month olds seemed a bit much for me to bring along … but too little to leave behind … maybe next time!

    Get your rest and hang in there!!

    • Oooh — good idea re: the umbrella stroller. I don’t own one, but it would be easy enough to get. I LOVE my current smaller stroller and it’s compact enough for easy use, but breaking it down for the plane is pretty cumbersome. I don’t know if I could do it while wearing a baby. Or go to the bathroom while wearing a baby, for that matter. 😉

      I’m sorry you won’t be at Edel! But I can well imagine that two seven-month-olds would be tough to manage on a solo trip. Hopefully next time!

  2. I vote a big fat no on the stroller. And I have braved the airports solo with Scarlett at many different ages. I baby wear her. When she was little, the moby was perfect, it was also handy for tucking her into for her to doze off on the plane so my arms were free. As she got older I used a backpack carrier. I have used the stroller before and it was way more trouble than it was worth. Getting it into a stall, even the handicap ones, was often difficult. Then I thought I’d be smart and use the family restroom, but those have real doors and that is way hard to finagle with a stroller and luggage. On/off the plane is not hard, you’re not actually doing that, you leave it at the bottom of the jetway and pick it up there, too. But, still, I’d vote for baby wearing. Good luck! And don’t sweat it too much. Way easy to travel with a baby that young, it’s when they get mobile that it gets stressful. Have fun!

  3. Sleep while the sleepin’s good, girl. Seriously.

    And no stroller, not when you’re footloose and fancy free with a single little guy in tow. Just strap him to your body using whatever means you have available (I’m an avowed Ergo gal myself) and enjoy a really restful flight. Truly. They sleep the whole time if you strap them on, and using the bathroom is surprisingly easy. Otherwise, female flight attendants are usually more than willing to hold your baby. I pray for compassionate, middle to elderly aged female seat mates when I travel with kids, and then I happily toss babies their way. They’re dying for it.

    Can’t wait to meet you at Edel!

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I’ve got an Ergo too and I love it sooo much better than the Baby Bjorn I had with my first. You’ll definitely see me sporting it at Edel. Can’t wait to meet you too!

  4. Hi! I just came across your blog and have to weigh in on the travel issue. I’m queen of traveling with babies and toddlers – I lived overseas when my girls were little and then across the country from family. We flew a lot. Nursing is the easiest way to be sure you have food for the baby – you got that covered. Carry as little as you possibly can. I know it’s tempting to pack 10 outfits and every medication you imagine you might need, but seriously, carry very little on the plane and in the airport and check most everything. If you take a stroller you have a place to hang your carry on bag and set the baby. Someone else mentioned you just leave your stroller at the entrance of the plane and they whisk it away and then have it waiting for you when you get off the plane.

    Using a baby sling saved me – I had a free hand for my carry on (or other child). I could use the restroom with a baby in the sling by just pulling them up a big higher. Wear pants you can pull down and back up with one hand. You can fit a stroller into the handicap stall in most airport bathrooms. On the plane I just held my baby while I used the bathroom. Changing a baby on a plane is a hit or miss thing – some planes have changing facilities and others don’t. You can change a little one on your lap in the bathroom if you really need to. Don’t be afraid to ask the crew for help and take your time. Most of all, enjoy your trip!

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