7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 14)

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This week’s Quick Takes is a little different. I’ve got a riddle for you:

— 1 —


When I told my boys that it was time to clean up, my older son turned around, surveyed the room, and quite sincerely asked, “Why?”

— 2 —


— 3 —


— 4 —


— 5 —


— 6 —


So… have you figured it out yet?

— 7 —


That’s right!

Items one and two are brought to you by morning sickness and first-trimester fatigue. (And really, I could’ve shown you much worse pictures to represent that lovely, ONGOING stage. But I decided to be kind.)

Items three and four are brought to you by pregnancy cravings. (Yes, really. But no, not at the same time.)

Item five is brought to you by my boys’ bath toys. No, seriously – we’re pleased to announce that we’re expecting our third child!

Item six: Baby Walsh is due April 11, 2014. Which is just one day past my 35th birthday. (I was thisclose to escaping the “advanced maternal age” label.) To answer the obvious first question: Yes, I guess it would be kind of cool to share a birthday with my child. Except that I don’t exactly like the idea of being in labor on my birthday. Bah humbug.

Item seven: Isn’t it amazing to get a glimpse at that new, tiny little life? A life that, God-willing, we’ll soon wonder how we ever did without?

Please keep my wee little babe and me in prayer.

Love, Julie

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26 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 14)

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! ! I figured when I saw the number 3 on your post that was going to be the announcement….so happy for you! I hope you get out of the morning sickness faze very soon!

    • Thank you! Oh my gosh, those ice creams were so good together. Every night for a week, I had a bowl with half cookie dough ice cream, half peanut butter ripple. I ate it all myself. It’s been difficult, but since then I have kept myself out of the ice cream aisle.

    • Thanks! That’s too funny! I can’t help be curious as to how one “refuses” to deliver a baby on a certain date, though. 😉 I’m imagining a laboring woman telling her doctor, “Nope, not gonna happen today! You’re just going to have to make him wait!”

    • Thank you! We have an abundance of family birthdays at the beginning of April, so kiddo will likely share with somebody, if not his mama. (I’m totally assuming this baby is another boy.) Of course, he could arrive at the end of March and surprise everyone.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to the Walsh family! How aweseome!!

    I do understand the “birthday” thing – Allison was born just a few days before my own birthday. It’s nice having one so close but NOT the same day!

    Hugs to you and Brennan and the boys!

    • Thanks, Kathleen! I didn’t know that about Allison. We’ll just have to tell kiddo to hurry up and arrive before the 10th. 😉 I’ll pass on the hugs. Please tell Tim we say hello!

  3. Julie what wonderful news! I wondered when I saw your tired eyes, then the ice cream made me think a little more but the pickle jar was the true “topping on the ice cream” (only a pregnant momma would put those items side by side). Best wishes to you and Brennen….this new little one will continue to add more love and joy into your lives. Oh, and talk to Tara about being in labor on your birthday. Alexander was born 1 day after hers. She hasn’t had a her birthday celebrated since then!

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