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I’ve been thinking about jumping on-board with Like Mother, Like Daughter’s {pretty, happy, funny, real} for some time, but I’ve had this notion that I needed to fully clean my house before I could do so. And then wait for a morning with abundant sunlight so I could take some really pretty, really perfect, really staged photos. Foolish, I know. Where’s the real in that mentality?

But LMLD’s photos are always so beautiful, and even though I’ve got a nice background to work with here, I feel like I’m always snapping pictures of clutter and wrestling boys. Oh, and boys asleep in places other than their beds.

I did, technically, participate in {phfr} that one time, right after I attended the “Crazy DC Meet-Up” with Auntie Leila, Suki, and Deirdre of LMLD. I wrote a post about the event and Auntie Leila kindly requested that I link it to PHFR. But anyway, here’s my first official {phfr}, and it’s rather more on the clutter/wrestling boys side of things than the pretty house side. It’s made up entirely of photos already on my camera, as I decided to do this post approximately 20 minutes ago. Here we go!

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~ 

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I stepped outside for a few minutes yesterday morning to try to get some cloudless-blue-sky pictures for this post. I was relieved to fail: there were just enough clouds to dispel my dread. And there were a few pretty sights to cheer me:

I loved the way the sun was shining on the upper part of the house. So pretty.


I loved looking up at our big, old white oak, which my husband recently estimated is 262 years old. I’m in love with it already.


And I don’t think I will ever tire of taking pictures of fields. (Though you, I’m aware, may tire of seeing my photographs of this same view again and again…)



These boys are always so happy when their daddy comes home from work. So am I.






There aren’t many things better than a box, are there?


And what’s funnier than pretending to scream-wake-up your daddy, who’s pretending to be asleep?





Oh, and pudgy hands contorting pudgy cheeks? Always funny.




My boys – even the little one – have mostly been going without naps lately. (They are some stubborn, stubborn little guys.) It’s not exactly a contentment-inducing scenario. Except for this inevitable side-effect:




Well, there are some glimpses at my contentment this week. Feel like sharing any of yours? Head on over to Like Mother, Like Daughter to check out the links or post your own.

9 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

    • Thank you! The tree really is amazing. I’ll have to post some more pictures another time. I think it would probably take three people hugging it, fingertip to fingertip, to encompass the whole thing. We feel so blessed to have it.

    • Great! More field pics, then! I think the field has already been featured in something like five posts, and I’m only four months into the blog. I’m sure I’ll be trying to capture it in fall and winter and spring, too.

  1. I have a three year old little girl who did the same thing! She would refuse naps and couldn’t even be convinced to have a little “quiet time” in her bed. Inevitably she would pass out on the floor of the living room with her 7 other siblings running around her!
    I love the boys and their daddy! Always good to see an involved dad. LOVE!

    • My friends have started to joke about all my boys-asleep pictures. I think I’ll have to do a collage of them all someday — sofa, table, car seat, high chair, sofa, floor, table… I can never resist snapping a photo. But yours really must have been a sight, with seven siblings running around!

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