On My Mind (Vol. 6)

This week over at The Space Between I’m talking about “a question that many people wrestle with – how do we put our daily problems in perspective when real problems all over the world cause death, starvation and destruction?” Or rather, I’m talking about a book that asks that question.

I’m also talking about how the question’s prominence in my life affects my politics. And about some other things, including the fifteenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks:

“The time has come – as it does every year – for our minds and airwaves and newsfeeds to return to the September 11 attacks. As I write this segment of my post (on Tuesday), I’ve just heard my first commemoration of anniversary week. And I’m kind of a mess. Every year, I think enough time has passed since that day for me to surely be able to handle all the fuss, and every year I’m wrong.”

Read the rest at the Catholic Review.

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