4 thoughts on “Why You Should Vote – Even When It Feels Like It Doesn’t Make A Difference

  1. Thanks for posting these links, Julie. I’m glad to see that the Virginia Catholic Conference and I agree 🙂 I’m excited to go and vote tomorrow!

  2. Julie, if you google “league of women voters” and go to VOTE 411, you can enter your address and find the candidates on your local ballot. By reading their answers to significant questions, it helps me make more informed decisions. Cathy H.

  3. I agree with you about the local elections being important (and often ignored by people who vote in presidential elections, for some reason). However, I don’t think it follows that one SHOULD vote simply because one CAN. For instance, I’m baffled by the “Get out the Vote” campaigns. When an election is important and I’m really invested in a candidate (or issue on the ballot), I don’t encourage random strangers to vote…. because who knows how they will vote? If the end result is a desired candidate, especially about really important matters, why encourage folks to vote who may not have checked out the news in six months? (I recognize how elitist it sounds, and I am staunchly in favor of universal voting rights, but the whole “get out the vote” for the sheer sake of voting seems cheapening and circular. I’m also not really talking about you since you have a generally defined readership and encourage knowing what’s going on).

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