This Child

This child… oh, this child. He is passionate, he is fierce. He loves aggressively. He’s my most attached, the one who tries to burrow himself right into me.

He has a twinkle in his eye and a grimace in his grin. He barrels. He has strong arms and tight fists.

He’s agile. He’s fast. He’s cautious. He covers his face when we sing “Happy Birthday” to him. He clings to me when we go somewhere new.

He’s even-tempered for a long ways, but will suddenly explode with emotion. He’s sensitive. He’s a little bit wicked. He forgives easily. He shows mercy and he seeks it.

He loves, he loves, he loves.


And oh, how we love him back. How thankful we are for that evening, three years ago today, when he fought his way into our arms.

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