An Honest Little Vignette of Home

I had a good but exhausting day today. We seem to have spent most of it running in and out of the car in frigid temperatures. (The boys actually, literally cried this morning when we left the house, they were so cold.)

We went to preschool, to home, to preschool, to pick up lunch, to drop the boys off at my grandparents’, to the hospital for a doctor’s appointment, to my old workplace, to my board meeting, back to my grandparents’ to pick up the boys (who were melting down for reasons like “I can’t believe you drained the water off my mandarin oranges!” and “I know I lost my mittens but you must make them materialize immediately! I am absolutely bereft without them!”), and then back to home.

By the time we came home at 9pm and I had lugged the 40-pound three-year-old inside, upstairs and into bed, I was DONE. I laid down on the sofa with the annoyingly-still-awake two-year-old and waited for Daddy to come home to put him to bed. My husband then woke me up at 10pm from my sofa-slumber for leftovers that he had lovingly heated up for us. Ah, this is the life…

Just now as I walked through the kitchen to put the leftovers back into the fridge, my eyes scanned my counters, completely covered with dirty dishes, empty cans, and boxes of food; my sink, full-to-the-brim with disgusting, days-dirty dishes; my floor, bearing piles of vomit-clothing, pee-clothing, toys, and stuff. And I thought of my family room, which is coated with a layer of toys and dust and dusty toys. And the rest of my house, which contains yet more piles of vomity laundry, not to mention a still-half-decorated, supremely crispy Christmas tree.

Why in the world am I telling you this?

Probably, in part, because I’m suffering some sort of exhaustion-induced delirium. Also because I thought tonight’s scene provided an honest little vignette of life in our home. I offer it up for any time I seem too preachy on self-help or something similarly nauseating.

Also – and this is probably the most sincere answer – because I want your opinion: A kitchen so covered in dishes that you can’t function in it means just one thing, right? One simply must take one’s children out for breakfast in the morning. The poor little dears shouldn’t suffer such a sight, should they? Rather, they should be strapped into their car seats as soon as they wake and whisked off to some fast-food establishment, where they can be stuffed with breakfast-appropriate fats and sugars. Right? RIGHT?

Please leave your answers in the comment section. But only if they’re in the affirmative.

P.S. Don’t worry, aunts and other worriers – I promise I’m nowhere near a breaking point. I’ve actually had some lovely little breaks lately, including the several child-less hours this afternoon. I’m just tired. Normal tired. Now, off to bed with me!

5 thoughts on “An Honest Little Vignette of Home

  1. I could write a dissertation on the many excuses you have for your house looking the way you describe. Take those boys to breakfast and call Molly Maid! Once or twice twice a year I just need someone else to deal with the mess. Once it’s fixed up I have renewed desire and energy to keep things up a bit. At least for a few months… 😉

  2. Again, I love it! I love your honesty….All houses with little kids in it look just like you described and if they don’t, they much be lying about it or they just don’t spend enough time playing with their kids because they are constantly cleaning. You are doing an awesome job raising your kids…. Keep up the good work!

  3. This is awesome. Honesty like this is so wonderful, and it helps the rest of us calm down about our mess. I love that it’s actually a mess – there’s nothing worse than having someone say “Oh I’m so sorry about the mess” when there’s one dish in the sink.

  4. Buy cheap paper plates when they are on sale and use them when you don’t have time to clean. You can save trees on good days. Also keep one side of your sink full of soapy water and put dishes in it. It will take only seconds to,take them out and put them in a drainer to dry. Third, do a 3 or 5 min cleanup with your kids. Tell them what you aim to get done and turn on a timer. You can get a lot done in 3 minutes.

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