The Big Reveal

So, I had my big 20-week sonogram this afternoon and…


The best news of all is that baby #3 looks perfectly healthy. (And judging from all the jumps I’m feeling, also quite happy!)


Just like my first two, this one didn’t cooperate too well with the test. It took three goes for the technician to get all the information she needed.


However… baby wasn’t at all shy about revealing gender.






I decided to torment my friends and family on Facebook with the following photo of my mother and me:


“So, which of us do you think wore the right color?” I teased.






The vast majority of folks seemed to think my Mom had the right idea.












Or should I say “but”…






It turns out that Brennan and I subconsciously knew what was what:


That’s right! It’s a boy!


Just as a refresher for anybody who doesn’t already see a bazillion pictures of my boys on Facebook, here are the first two little stinkers/sweeties:

232 and 242

I think they’ll be beyond excited to add another boy to their wrestling, climbing, yelling, rough-housing, singing, running, roaring little team.

We already are.